Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ductless Fume Hoods - MUST READ THIS FIRST

Firstly, you must read the information about ductless fume hoods. You must know the basic information about ductless fume hoods before you explore what is ductless fume hoods is all about. If the basic thing you did not know, is quite difficult for you to understand when come to the technical aspect of the ductless fume hoods. So, you must read this article first.

Ductless fume hoods are a stand alone unit of fume hoods cabinet. The ductless type unit enclosures use self-contained carbon to remove fumes, vapors and particulates from air. How it works? It will draw the air from the room into the hoods. The air will be filtered in the ductless fume hoods. The cleaned air will re-circulated into the room or lab. This process will continuously take place as required. Some ductless fume hoods are using HEPA filters and some use self-contained carbon together with HEPA filters to extend the efficiency.

What is the different between ductless fume hoods and the conventional fume hoods? Ductless fume hoods are a stand alone unit. It has no ducting as what conventional chemical fume hoods unit has. The ductless fume hoods workstation can be transferable and relocate to any place as you want. It is a portable unit. For conventional chemical fume hoods unit, it is attached directly to the building. The unit ducting is connected to the building exhaust system. This factor made it not convenience when we want to do relocating of the fume hoods. Quite a major renovation must be done to relocate the conventional chemical fume hoods unit especially when it is involved with the existing building exhaust system.

Ductless fume hoods are a “must have” device for certain industries especially that really need clean working environment. Ductless fume hoods with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters are used to provide air purification in the room. In my next article, I will touch more deep about how ductless fume hoods works.

P.S: The above ductless fume hoods photo is from Air Science, a reliable and trusted manufacturer of ductless fume hoods located at FT Myers, FL USA (certified ISO 9001).

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